Given that university is going to be the next major stage of my life, I am naturally worried about it – but also extremely excited. When I’m worried, I find salvation in planning ahead because planning reduces uncertainty – it makes environments more predictable, controllable and less chaotic. Of course, to even begin planning, one must have the relevant information; and what is men’s best source of information if not books? Podcasts and Google…. And books of course. I love books 😅

This category, therefore, would be a collection of tips and insights from these sources that I find most relevant to myself. My current sources are:

1) How to Succeed in your Social Science Degree 

2) Ten steps to earning awesome grades (by CollegeInfoGeek’s host, Thomas Frank)


1) CollegeInfoGeek

It will be an ever expanding list and I will not stop preparing until I graduate with a degree.

Additionally, I also hope that you can benefit in some ways from this collection, especially if you are going to be or currently a college/university student.

Signing off,


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