Jalan Kayu Prata for dinner w Timothy, Andre and Nelson; and their shocking revelation of the difference in prices when they choose whether to dine in the aircon room or not. You guys can thank me for saving you a dollar LOL πŸ˜…πŸ‘

Then we walked to Selatar Mall and decided impromptu to watch midnight movies 

Fashionable Poly kids doing some window shopping and messing around in the process:

Nelson: I find it weird that we are in the female section

Timothy: Eh Nelson! This skirt looks very good on you leh! 

Nelson: !!! Eh Timothy! I think this panties look very good on you sia!! 

Timothy: Nelson?! Did you just say that the girl at the counter is very cute?!

Junkai and Justin joined us up at Mac, had loads of shit to talk about and laugh atπŸ˜‚

Finally caught the movie, The Monster, which was so bad that we were laughing at the movie towards the end. [SPOILERS AHEAD] I guess its silver lining lies in the metaphor that it presents: the monster represents the addiction that the mother overcomed to protect her daughter in the end. It also represents the girl’s hatred for her mother in which she also overcomed while grieving for her mother. But hey, the plot still has massive loopholes; 5/10 rating. 

On our way out of the semi-closed mall at 1am and came across this spinning thing. Seems like we’ve hardly grown up, and it’s heartwarming to see that some things never change πŸ™‚ 

Gr8 night out with this bunch, catching up on what’s going on in our lives, me giving ideas of how army is like, laughing at the state which Montfort NPCC is in right now and most of all; reminiscing on hilarious past. Looking forward to seeing them again 😌


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