We are all alive, biologically yes, but are we alive in the meaningful sense? Maybe, but there is no doubt that we want to be alive in latter sense as well; unless you are a nihilist. We usually equate a meaningful life to a happy one, thus leading to the ancient question: what can we do to lead a happy life? Once we’ve defined happiness in our own terms, we move on to set life goals to achieve this happiness – that’s the general idea and that’s what I am going to do in this post.

General Definition of Happiness 

So what is happiness? Is it just very simply an emotion? I think that is an oversimplification because emotions are usually transient and at-that-moment. Instead, happiness should be a journey through life where we would experience the ups and downs, and at the end of that journey; we can say that we are proud to have lived like this. Thus happiness is simply living the way that we will not regret at our deathbed, as morbid and cliché as that might sound.

My definition

Naturally, we would all define happiness in our own way because we all have our own idea of how we can live meaningfully. Here is mine:

I want to go on an adventure around the world in order to understand it as much as I possibly can. I want to also leave 2 forms of legacies behind- the living and ideological legacies that will outlive my biological limitation. The living legacies would be my children who I’m proud to have nurtured to become great men and women. The ideological legacy, which would be the greatest gift that I have for this world, is one that would outlive generations and contribute to the well-being of our world. Most importantly, I would like to do all this with my love by my side and by extension, her goals also become mine to fulfill. 

This is what I seek to achieve in order die with a wide satisfied smile on my face- so wide that you will be confused if I’m dead since my eyes are tightly shut anyway but with my teeth showing so brightly that you can never fathom that death is upon this man. 

So what is your version of a happy life?

Signing off, 



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