*This is a casual post as it is rather personal.

One of the main reasons why I started this blog was a deep concern for my employability. This is probably because I have plans to start a family and travel around the world (as you can see from my post, A Happy Life). Then I wonder, how am I going to do that if I don’t land a reasonably good job? This is probably a common concern for everyone in the first-world. We want to find a job that can be a perfect fit for us: well-paid, flexible work time, good employee benefits, etc. Thus, this post is meant to explain the rationality behind my career choice (as of now) and perhaps give you an idea on how you can decide on yours.

Unlike most people, I don’t prioritize being well-paid as a requirement. This is because I understand that, as much as we desire both well-pay and short working time, our economic realities prevent us from getting both on the high scale- as long as we are talking about the working class anyway. 

Again, as cliché as this might sound (saying “as cliché as this might sound” is also becoming a cliché in this blog😏), money is not everything. You can refer to the previous post, How to Be Happy Everyday, to find your answer as to why material wealth is ineffectual in providing happiness. 

What I want is a job that is family-friendly, reasonably suits my field of interest and reasonably well-paid (as a condition that is least prioritized); all of which are aligned in accordance to my life goals. In case you didn’t read the post, A Happy Life, here is the relevant excerpt:

My life goal

I want to go on an ADVENTURE AROUND THE WORLD in order to understand it as much as I possibly can. I want to also leave 2 forms of legacies behind- the living and ideological legacies that will outlive my biological limitation. The living legacies would be MY CHILDREN who I’m proud to have nurtured to become great men and women. The ideological legacy, which would be the greatest gift that I have for this world, is one that would outlive generations and contribute to the WELL-BEING of our world. Most importantly, I would like to do all this with MY LOVE by my side and by extension, HER GOALS also become mine to fulfill. 

Family friendly

The general idea is to have mandatory paternal leaves, 5 days work week and 9am to 5pm job. Coincidentally, the public sector provides such benefits; especially since the government is still putting in more pro-family incentives to counter our aging population. A family friendly job lets me maintain a stable relationship with my beloved by sharing family responsibilities and spending precious time with her. A family friendly job can obviously also let me properly execute my plan to nurture my children into great men and women. 

Suits my field of interests

My field of interest is mainly politics. To put it into practical application, it would be policy-making expertise in the public sector. However, the life goal that I’m tackling here is to leave an ideological legacy; meaning to be the pioneer of a revolutionary political idea just like Karl Marx (I’m working on a potential one on Moral Democracy but it will take years of refining, especially after I complete my degree when I have insights from other great thinkers of their time). For a job to be conducive to this pursuit, I would prefer to be either political scientist or a professor in the field of political science as they provide the avenue to publish our own papers and have the academic credential to be influential. Thus, in this case; a public sector job would be less preferable than a academic and inevitably a private sector one. I am still unaware of any public sector job that encourages as much intellectual discourse, but if I do find one; it’d be a gift from heaven.

Reasonably well-paid

Although this is the least prioritized based on my belief that material wealth is a meaningless pursuit, a well-paid job is still key to my aim to travel around the world with my love to understand it. Of course, a less-than-ideal paying job can be compensated by well-planned savings and thrift in order to make travel plans possible; but who wouldn’t prefer a more well-paid one, just to make our own lives easier? Practically speaking, the academic professor and political scientist path provides more prospect for such pay; however, more research is needed and a less-than-ideal paying job is still fine by me.


The jobs that I want which fit all of the conditions above are: policy analyst (public sector), professor, and political scientist. What about you? Have you thought about what kind career you want yet? Or are you already satisfied with the current one?

Signing off,


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