This is a post on the direction that the section Employable Skills will be taking.

In the previous post, I’ve talked about what kind of jobs I want. Now that I know where to go, I have to make plans on how to get there. I will not go into the specific things I have to do in order to become a professor/political scientist/policy analyst (The 3Ps). But rather, I will summarize what employable skills I need to acquire/hone for ANY jobs at all.

Definition of Employability:

A set of achievement – skills, understandings and personal attributes – that make individuals more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupation (Arksey, Harris, and Available, 2007).

In general, what I’ve gotten out of the book: How to Succeed in Your Social Science Degree is that employable / transferable skills are as follow:

1) Management and Organization Skills

2) Communication and Interpersonal Skills

3) Research and Planning Skills

Above are the 3 main ones that I will put under the section of employable skills. There are additional 2 categories/sections called Personal skills and Leadership. 

Personal skills category archives the etc. skills that I incidentally acquire and I feel that are relevant to my employment. 

Leadership is a big category that I feel will have learning points/lessons from anything that I do; thus it is formatted into various points in my life/ foreseeable future.

The blog posts in those categories will be reflection-based rather than explanatory style writing. It will be formal as it represents a part of my portfolio that I will refer my future employer to.

Signing off,


Arksey, H., Harris, D.E. and Available, N. (2007) How to succeed in your social science degree (Sage Study skills series). Los Angeles, Calif. [etc.]: Sage Publications.


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