Y’know, after reading books like “The Art of Thinking Clearly” and “The Wisest One in The Room”, I might be thinking that I can be a really objective and rational person; unplagued by biases. Since these books tell me about common human biases, I would naturally be able to identify and avoid them right? 

Nope, because there exists a bias call bias perception of objectivity and bias. That’s a lot of biases, but for the very good reason that it is a form of bias that dictates that we are bias in thinking that we are not bias; think about it.

This bias stems from the fact that “bias is much easier to recognize in others than in oneself…we tend to see ourselves as more objective than we really are”(Gilovich and Ross, 2015).

So next time if you think that you are not bias, think again; are you the best judge of that? Also, if there is someone who fails to see their own bias and you feel that they are kind of dumb for not realizing their own obvious flaws, be kind to them; because it is indeed harder to see your own bias.

Signing off,



Gilovich, T. and Ross, L. (2015) The wisest One in the room: How you can benefit from social psychology’s Five most powerful insights. Philadelphia, PA, United States: Free Press.


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