Philosophers argue beautifully, period. Ok that was an example of how normal people argue nowadays with added aggressiveness, especially on the internet. Philosophers don’t do that, they argue passively; and in a thoughtful manner.

The Socratic Method of Debate

Also known as the precursor to the scientific method, this method should feel oddly familiar to you because it is the fundamental structure of all debates: When people get into an intellectual exchange – be it dialogue, debate or a conversation- they become interlocutors. So the first interlocutor would offer an argument (be it in the form of deductive, inductive, or abductive), and the second interlocutor can either accept it (and say “touché” if he or she is classy AF!) or provide a counterargument; then the first interlocutor can then choose to accept it or provide a counter-counterargument; and the process goes on until someone chooses to accept the other interlocutor’s argument. Sounds familiar? They are no doubt similar but differ from modern debate in the sense that philosophers are usually able to put down their ego and accept the argument rather than go on and on without any form of reconciliation.

The Beauty of Philosophical Debate

Philosophers generally don’t expect such an exchange to result in a winner and a loser. Instead, they think of it as an exercise that brings both interlocutors closer to the truth. They often exhibit humbleness and sportsmanship in such exchange; gracefully saying “touché” if they find that the argument presented to them is superior in rationality. They will be eternally grateful if you proved that their arguments are inferior because they see it as you have enlightened them. They are the antonym of all the emotional shoutings and personal attacks you see on cable televisions nowadays.

Food For Thought

Just imagine what kind of place the Internet would be if everyone argues like philosophers. It would no longer be full of hate-driven comments; and instead be a haven for intellectual progress because we are all uniting towards getting closer to the truth. Just take that moment to think, how beautiful humanity would become compared to the wretched state that it is today.

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Crashcourse Philosophy


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