Here’s another phenomenon (besides CLT and Negative Dominance) that can aid framing and guard against exploitation: The Denominator Effect.

The Denominator Effect

“The effect of choosing the right scale/denominator can be dramatic. In one study, respondents judges a disease that kills 1,200 out of every 10,000 afflicted individuals to be more dangerous than one that’s TWICE as lethal, killing 24 out of every 100.” (Gilovich and Ross, 2015)

In essence, when presenting statistics, big numbers impress more.

Framing for a good cause

So if you are ever going to do volunteer work such as raising funds to help disaster-wrecked countries, use bigger denominator to impress; you can raise more funds and help more people that way.

Anti-sales measure

If salesman try to use the same trick on you, it should trigger some red flags; you are welcome 🙂

Signing off,



Gilovich, T. and Ross, L. (2015) The wisest One in the room: How you can benefit from social psychology’s Five most powerful insights. Philadelphia, PA, United States: Free Press.


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