Since the beginning of this blog, I have posted a huge variation of blog posts. One of the variations include the degree of citations. Some posts have completely no citations and some have a lot of them. This is because I simply post whatever that I feel like posting. Recently, I came across this thought while working on the Freedom of Press section in the previous post that: It is really important to post viewpoints responsibly lest it creates misinformation; which can create ripple effects of unknown scale. Not that this blog post has many viewers anyway but I just feel like doing up posts online more responsibly. Also, it can help me prep for university writings. From now on, posts that are used to analyze information (definitely not this post because it’s just a message of sort) will be properly cited and substantiated at least as often as the previous post. This may mean inconsistent posting days, especially with my fluctuating schedule in the army; but the posts will be of higher reliability and standard.

Signing off,



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