Although the crux of my argument represents a skepticism of Singapore’s appearance of tolerance and progressiveness, it does not mean to say that I do not think Singapore isn’t tolerant and progressive at all. These are 2 very different assertions. I do believe that Singapore is likely to be comparatively more tolerant and progressive because of government efforts such as housing policies to ensure that all racial groups are neighbors, the recent elected-presidency policy to reserve the seat of presidency to a racial minority if there is a set period of hiatus for that minority, and also the Group Representation Constituency (GRC) System. All these undoubtably contributed to a racially harmonious society, but to what extent we do not know until we find a way to fairly measure it. However, it remains a fact that Singapore’s economic and security realities are exceptionally well-to-do compared to other countries. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good thing that we are doing well; but if we want to accurately assess how far we’ve come in terms of tolerance and progressiveness or the effectiveness of our government policies, we need similar conditions. Of course, such things must not be hoped for, because it’s obviously not worth it. Nonetheless, we must not be too quick to conclude that Singapore is tolerant and progressive based on its peace compared to the rest of the world because it is an unfair comparison; that’s what I was trying to conclude. I realized that I might not have been clear about this in that post, so therefore I write this post to clarify. I will be more cautious in the future in terms of clarity.

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