For the past weeks, I’ve been focusing on the ethics branch of philosophy. Even though my main interest lies in political science, I started with philosophy anyway. The reason for this odd sequence is that philosophy is the foundation of all human-based ideas, thus it is only logical to start there in order to gain incremental understandings. It is upon my great fortune that when I skimmed through the first note of political science from NUS that I’ve spotted numerous mentions of moral philosophical terms. It seems I’ve done something right then, regardless of whether it is by luck or the rationality of my decision- a combination of both is most realistic. Now, thanks to my girlfriend, her close friend, and her close friend’s friend; I’ve gotten hold of the 354-pages political ideologies note 19 months in advance of my university enrollment. This will be the beginning of a long and interesting advance of my knowledge in my favourite field of interest. The first post after this will be on Confucianism, let’s rule.

Signing off,



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