Just yesterday, French President, Emmanuel Macron, told Theresa May that the option for UK to remain in EU is still open. Although many would be quick to dismiss this possibility, I argue that it is possible. In fact, not only is it possible, it is also a necessary lifeline for both May and the British people.

Why it is possible, and why UK should remain in EU

There might be possible roadblocks that I’ve neglected when I propose this solution, but here it is: Call for another Brexit referendum. Yes, many are going to roll their eyes at this solution but hear me out. If you read my previous post, The Ongoing Political Bashing of Theresa May, you will know that May is currently caught in a catch-22 situation due to a weak mandate granted by the divisive Brexit Referendum.

Another factor to consider is the fact that May lost a majority in this election despite the well-known fact that the snap election was a way to strengthen May’s hand in the Brexit negotiation. To put it simply, look at the contradiction: A referendum win for the Brexiters, but an electoral loss for the Brexiters as well. This reflects a collective indecisiveness of the British populace.

Although there are many issues mashed together with Brexit during the campaign, it can be reasonably argued that: with this political mess that UK finds itself in following 2 rounds of voting, the British people may be losing their appetite for a Brexit. I mean, the negotiation haven’t even start yet and there’s already so much mess to deal with. I imagine the British people must be tired of this shit by now.

Besides, the “payback votes” by the youths point to the fact that there exists an unknown number, perhaps substantial, of British who did not vote in the referendum but belong to the Remain camp.

Last but not least, the British are now more informed of the major consequences of Brexit – a Scottish independence and a hugely compromising deal to be expected as the EU members will take a tough stance against UK. These pieces of facts, I observed, only came into prominence during the aftermath of Brexit Referendum when panic and confusion ensued.

In conclusion, the Brexit Referendum held should not be decisively seen as the “will of the people” for the following reasons:

  1. The referendum concluded without a decisive outcome
  2. There is possibly a substantial number of non-voters who belong to the remain camp
  3. The political chaos surrounding Brexit should have made many British lose their appetite for Brexit
  4. The same political chaos should have also informed the British, to a greater extent, the consequences of Brexit. With a more well-informed populace, a Brexit Referendum 2.0 should be in order.
  5. The fact that there are contradictory outcomes between the referendum and election points to the possibilities of above-mentioned factors

Hence, a Brexit Referendum should and can happen again. That’s probably the lifeline that May and the British people so desperately need right now. So let’s make Brexit Referendum 2.0 happen.

Written by: Jackson

Featured photo credit: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/european-union-brexit-macron-germany-youth-vote-stay-in-the-eu-option-on-table-a7789916.html


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