On 7th January 2016,

I began serving my sentence.

There were many who shared the same fate.

Most were woeful,

some were zealous.

They told us we are here to protect,

to protect what is precious to us.

Pretty lies.

Uniformity is the gospel here:

Same food.

Same clothes.

Same hair.

Same habitat.

Same punishments.

Same steps.

Same movements.

Same routine.

Same orders.

Same replies.

Same words.

Same thoughts.

Same beliefs.

Individualities, suppressed.

Methods, standardized.

Logic, displaced.

Homogeneity, worshipped.

This is not for protection,

this is intolerance.

Apply euphemism,

you get re-socialization.

Apply just a bit more,

and you get rehabilitation.

So I asked,

“Is this a prison?”

“No,” they said, “this is the military.”

All the same to me.

What is the difference between slavery and serfdom?



Subtle, at best.

I am not zealous anymore.

How can one be after unmasking this charade?

I am devastated.





I will sing the oath of rebellion,

grow the wings of dissent.

Let the estrangement begin.

From now,

till 6th November 2017.



Image credit: https://echoesliterarymagazineonline.wordpress.com/


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